KĀPA 2017

XXXI Three-day orienteering event
Организозуются Клубом ориентирования Kāpa в сотрудничестве с Латвийской Федерацией Ориентирования и Краславским муниципальным советом


Booklet with detailed information published - this includes course parameters, schemes of day centres and and other information.

This year KĀPA 2017 venue will be close to the border with Belarus. Especially close to the border will be the competition center of Day 3.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we invite all participants to take personal identification documents (no worries, you will not have to take your passport with you while running the course).

By departing from the competition center of Day 3, traffic will be organized via a road that crosses the 2 km wide borderland. In this section of the road, we invite you not to drive off the road and not to leave the car. It is only permitted to be outside the car or to drive off the state roads in the borderland with a special permit issued by the State Border Guard.